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Save the Tanglewood MTB Trails!

The Tanglewood mountain bike trails have been a staple of riding in Forsyth County for decades. If you're reading this, chances are you have some good memories of Tanglewood, many of us ride there regularly. It's a great place for beginners and seasoned riders alike. If you've been around for a while, you've undoubtedly seen the park develop more and more over the years. With the addition of the paved greenway loop, a dog park, and the evolution of the MTB trails.

That progress isn't set to expire anytime soon now that the county has started the process of building an Agricultural Multi-use Event Center there as well. The goal is to provide flexible space for holding various functions and events, bringing in some much needed revenue. The bad news is that some of the sites proposed would eliminate large portions of the trails there.

The County held a public input session presentation where they presented several sites that were considered for the new event center. All but one of them would overlap with some amount of existing trail. After considering feedback, the County is asking for further community input through Sept 12th from the following public input survey. Most of the sites were taken out, but two of them are still being considered, site A and part of B (which would eliminate part of the Beginner trail) or Site E (which has no impact to the trails).

If you want to help save the trails at Tanglewood we recommend you take the public survey BEFORE SEPTEMBER 12 and for question 3, pick site E. Say it with me... "question 3, pick site E." We also suggest you put something in your response to question 4 about how you use the trails and want to keep them intact.

The County needs to hear from the public about this important matter. Please take some time today to review the info available online and share your thoughts via the survey. Feel free to email the County Commissioners as well. Thanks, in advance, for your time and efforts to help save the Tanglewood Trails!

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2 Kommentare

Unknown member
07. Sept. 2021

Why would you encourage anyone to vote for any site in Tanglewood?!!! Site E is just has destructive as Sites A&B. Site E would displace the current horse boarders, some of who will suffer physically and emotionally if they are moved. They will suffer physically and emotionally if they stay with all the construction. Both sites impact homes that boarder the park. This would ruin the heart of the park. This will destroy everything that Tanglewood is - a quiet, serene park to enjoy nature. To walk, job, ride, golf, swim, boat, fish, picnic, etc. All quiet activities. Please do NOT pick ANY site in Tanglewood. Question #3 is a trick question done purposefully by the county. It DOES NOT…

Gefällt mir

Unknown member
04. Sept. 2021

This “Event Center” does not belong in Tanglewood Park ANYWHERE! Vote no to any site!!!!!!

Gefällt mir
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