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Officially Official: We're Partners With the City

FORBA has been working to strengthen the relationship between people passionate about seeing quality trails built in Forsyth County and the local agencies tasked with looking out for the best interest of public lands, and we have just accomplished a long-awaited, major step toward seeing our goals met: A signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the city and sanctioning of the MTB trails at Salem Lake.

The MOU is a legalese document that clarifies the roles and responsibilities of both parties and designates FORBA as the lead organization for coordinating local trail work. It took some time to work through the process and is a huge accomplishment on its own. We're super excited to finally have this agreement in place, it will open up many more opportunities for building trail.

If that's not enough good news by itself, the City of Winston-Salem is now officially recognizing the trails at Salem Lake. The single-track trails at Salem Lake are the worst kept secret since probably JFK and Marilyn Monroe, and they've always been considered "bandit trail" because no permission has been given to build trail there ... until recently!!! With the signing of the MOU, we were given the green light to start building and maintaining trail at Salem Lake which is just icing on the cake after locking down the MOU.

This might be the most exciting news since we started FORBA in 2016 and galvanizes the need for the work we're doing. We're looking forward to continued growth by supporting the community and ask you to come along with us. You can show your support by becoming a member, attending our events, joining our email list, or donating.

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