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Volunteer Workdays

We organize year-round volunteer workdays at Hobby, Horizons and Tanglewood. During these 2-3 hour sessions we work on routine maintenance, like trimming vegetation, addressing erosion, and keeping up berms and other features. We also tackle special projects like bridge (re)builds, berms and jumps, signage, and reroutes. We provide all tools and instruction so no prior experience is necessary. We welcome volunteers of all ages, though children under 18 years old should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  We ask all volunteers to complete a form prior to volunteering. You can complete this quickly, online using the form below.




Community Trail Meeting

FORBA holds monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of each month. FORBA members, designated trail leaders, and other interested parties come together to discuss the condition of trails, plan upcoming workdays, evaluate future trail projects, fundraising and more. The meetings are open to the public and anyone who cares about our trails is welcome to sit in and share their ideas. 

You can see notes from previous meetings below. Please contact us with any questions.

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