Tanglewood - Advanced Loop

Starts off from the small parking lot right at the trailhead. Trail is suited for all skill levels and contains a variety of terrain packed into 6 miles. While beginners will find some challenging climbs, intermediate and advanced riders will enjoy a fast ride with a few bridges, some log overs and one or two small rock gardens.

Tanglewood - River Loop

Starts across the entrance road into Tanglewood Park. Trail is suited for all skill levels and contains a variety of terrain. This short, 2 mile loop has some tight twisty sections as well as some easy dips and jumps. Riders will enjoy freshly fallen pine, one or two rockier sections, quick turns and rootier climbs.

Tanglewood - Beginner Loop

Starts across the road from the main loop and generally is ridden in a clockwise direction. Trail is suited for beginner riders as well as young children. This short, 2 mile loop is mostly flat but allows for some fun flow and is a great trail for a first timer. The horse trail runs through a portion of this loop and allows easy access to the River Loop.

Horizons Park

Horizons Park is Forsyth County's example of the old-school, rake-and-ride, trail variety, offering 3 miles per lap. Horizons stays tight, twisty, rooty, and narrow. It offers a more primitive riding experience, making it great for people wanting to learn mountain bike skills, great for nature lovers, and a real challenge (even for advanced riders) to ride fast! The terrain used for the mountain bike trails at Horizons does tend to drain more slowly than our other trails, so it's best avoided for at least 48 hours after precipitation.

Hobby Park

Hobby Park is our local XC race course, offering 7 miles of trail in the race lap. It has corners from flowy and flat (or bermed,) to tight and steep, and everything in between. It has roots, rock, sand, mud, creek crossings, hard pack, and open fields. BUT through it all it has two things in spades- SPEED and the burn of lactic acid in your legs. Used in multiple races for multiple race-series for good reason, if you're willing to put in the effort, Hobby Park will give you the opportunity to go fast. Come out and work on your fitness, while having fun and keeping those bike-handling skills sharp! Moderate to advanced riders will find this trail most enjoyable.

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