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Forsyth Off Road Bicycle Association (FORBA) connects trail users with the trails they love. We work with local government agencies, host volunteer work parties and regional group rides, and coordinate fundraising so, together, we can build and maintain natural surface trails in Winston Salem and Forsyth County. 

Forsyth County Trails Maintained by FORBA



2301 W Clemmonsville Road

Hobby Park is our local cross country (XC) race course, offering 7 miles of rigorous fun. It has corners from flowy and flat (or bermed) to tight and steep, and everything in between. It has roots, rock, sand, mud, creek crossings, hard pack, and open fields. Used in multiple races for multiple race-series for good reason, if you're willing to put in the effort, Hobby Park will give you the opportunity to go fast. Come out and work on your fitness, while having fun and keeping those bike-handling skills sharp! Moderate to advanced riders will find this trail most enjoyable.



2835 Memorial Indl School Road


Horizons Park is Forsyth County's example of the old-school, rake-and-ride trail variety, offering 3 miles per lap. Horizons stays tight, twisty, rooty, and narrow. It offers a more primitive riding experience, making it great for people wanting to learn mountain bike skills, great for nature lovers, and a real challenge (even for advanced riders) to ride fast! 



4061 Clemmons Road


Tanglewood features three loops, totaling almost 10 miles. The beginner loop is great for new riders and young children. It's about 1.5 mile, mostly flat but allows for some fun flow and is a great trail for a first timer. 


The river loop is suited for all skill levels and contains a variety of terrain. It's 2 miles, has some tight twisty sections as well as some easy dips and jumps, some rockier sections, quick turns and rootier climbs.

The advanced is 6 miles and while beginners will find some challenging climbs, intermediate and advanced riders will enjoy a fast ride with a few bridges, some log overs and one or two small rock gardens.

salem lake.jpeg


815 Salem Lake Road


Jesús trail is a 5.5 mile trail on the South side of Salem Lake that runs parallel to the Salem Lake Trail. The trail consists of singletrack that is intermediate in difficulty. The Jesús trail is dedicated to Jesús S., a local boy with Downs Syndrome who fell in love with all aspects of mountain biking. He not only loves to ride, but loves to clean, maintain, and keep the trail clear. He brings joy to everyone he meets.

Trail Etiquette

Do your part to make sure our trails are awesome for everyone to enjoy

1. Don't ride wet trails. Riding soggy trails does major damage that only gets worse over time. It's best practice to avoid the trails if it's rained within 24 hours. However, some trails dry out faster than others. If you leave a rutt in the mudd while riding, it's too wet. No rutt and you're good to go.

2. Yield to other trail users. We all love the trails. When you encounter people walking, running, walking dogs and whatnot, slow down and call out so they hear you coming. If you come upon another rider coming in the other direction it's best to yield to the rider going uphill.

3. Don't block the trail. It's inconsiderate and dangerous to block the trail. If you stop to take a break or fix a flat, find a safe place that's off the main trail. 

4. Don't litter. It should be obvious but please don't leave anything on the trail or in the parking lot. 

5. Work with us, not against us. Don't modify the trail without contacting FORBA first. We work with the City and County staff and trained volunteers to address trail needs and make improvements. If you see an issue, please report it ASAP using the button on this website or by emailing You can also attend our monthly community trail meetings to share your ideas.

Support our trails

It's the best way to get plugged in to what's happening with our trails. You'll be the first to hear about trail projects and special events. Plus you meet other riders.

Volunteers of all ages and abilities help  manage our local trails. Participating in work parties (as we call them) is a great way to give back to the trails you love

Trails don't pay for themselves. We need tools, supplies, and funds to fuel trail work. Donations in any amount are appreciated.

Follow us on social media and help spread the word about FORBA and our events to people you know who enjoy our trails

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