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Unless you’re just tuning in, you’re probably well aware of the agreement FORBA made with the City of W-S last year which led to the ability to use equipment to build trails. Last year was an historic year, and we set out this year to build on that, and we are going to need everybody’s help to pull it off!

We’ve already been through so many challenges over the last 8 years and it has just given me more and more confidence that we are on the right track. What gives me that confidence is how many times the community has stepped up and provided the support we needed, when we needed it. The community is what makes this all possible. 

If last year was about getting approval and showing a proof of concept, then this year will be all about developing a process and following through on the plan. 

So far this year, we’ve been pretty successful at developing a process to build new trails with the City’s involvement and approval all along the way. We’re now at the time when the shovels hit the dirt and we are going to need some things to make good on the agreement we made with the City. 

It is true that this process will change most of the trails at Salem Lake as we currently know them, and with the community’s input and support, I know we can make something that will be even better than what we already have. 

Where we are lacking the most right now is in equipment and I’m confident that our community is going to recognize the need and support us now, just like you have all along the way. We are looking to fund the rest of this year’s general operating expenses, buy a power wheel barrow and trailer to store all the FORBA tools, and RENT A FRIGGIN EXCAVATOR for 3 months so that we can build 3- 5 miles of juicy new trails at Salem Lake. We estimate that we can get this done for $8,000 and we’re counting on y’all to help us raise that. 

Donations of any amount are appreciated as we work to reach this fundraising goal as soon as possible. If we can pay for this crucial equipment and cover some basic operational expenses for the rest of the year, we'll be able to focus on finishing up the new beginners/little tykes trail at Salem Lake and begin rework of north side trails, which will be completed in phases this year and next. We can also move a lot faster with other routine maintenance at all the trails.

Please consider a tax deductible donation and help us spread the word with anyone you know who may also want to give. Thank you in advance for contributing to the success of our local MTB trails!

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